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Chef Robin's Nest
First Course Menu Ideas

When entertaining at the dinner table, there is not a better way to keep the fun going than to add courses to your evening of dining. Below are some ideas for first & second & third courses! Chef Robin always invites customization of your dining event and continues to master her unending list of recipes!


Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
Marinated and grilled on bamboo skewers served with peanut, curry & coconut milk sauce.

Crab Cakes
Fresh minced crab meat with onion, celery and a pinch of cayenne, breaded and sauteed or baked to perfection.

Prosciutto & Melon Balls
Honeydew melon balls wrapped in delicate prosciutto.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Large button mushrooms stuffed with garlic, spinach, red pepper & crab meat/shrimp (optional).

Scallops Ceviche
Bay scallops cooked in lime juice and served with tomato concasse, red onion & red pepper garnished with cilantro.


Cream of Marsala Mushroom
Mushrooms sauteed and delicately simmered in cream and marsala for a warming sensation to a cool day.

Cream of Carrot with Ginger
The golden color and aroma from this soup alone will warm you. Light and delicate flavors of carrot and ginger.

A fortified soup of vegetables and beef, chicken or vegetable broth. Garnished with brunoise vegetables.

Black Bean Soup
Black beans, bacon, onion, peppers and garlic simmered together until tender.

Curried Lentil Soup
Lentils, onion, fennel, carrots and garlic simmered in a curry tomato stock seasoned with lemon.


Watercress, Green Apples and Toasted Spiced Pecans
Served with a mayonnaise dressing with a hint of sesame.

Chicken Salad with Pine Nuts and Raisins.
Poached chicken strips dressed in balsamic and lemon and garnished with radicchio, raisins and roasted pine nuts.

Asparagus & Couscous Salad
Blanched asparagus in a wine white vinegar, dijon mustard dressing garnished with pine nuts, red onion, basil and a hint of orange zest.

Oriental Green Bean Salad
Blanched sliced green beans served with green onion, water chestnuts, bean sprouts in a rice wine vinegar & sesame oil dressing and garnished with chopped mint, & lemon zest.

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