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Herbs are leaves and occasionally includes the flowers of armonatic plants grown in temperate climates. Spices come from aromatic plants grown in the tropics.

It's important to remember that dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh herbs, about twice as concentrated in flavor. So, if a recipe calls for fresh herbs and you only have the dried version, it is okay to use it, just use half as much. Of course, taste it too!

Fresh herbs have the advantage of fresh aromas as you chop them which dried herbs do not. When chopping fresh herbs, do it finely so the flavoring oils can escape into your dish.

Herbs add flavor that can substitute for heavy sauces high in calories and made from flour and butter. For hot vegetables or pasta, you can heat the herbs in melted butter and add to your dish after it has been cooked.

Fresh herbs are now readily available in your grocer's produce department. Try them out!


Here are some ideas for herbs with certain vegetables. Try warming them in butter and drizzle over cooked vegetables.

Asparagus - Mustard seeds, sesame seed, dill or tarragon.
Beets - Allspice, bay leaves, caraway seed, cloves, ginger.
Cabbage - Caraway seed, celery seed, dill, mint, nutmeg.
Eggplant - Marjoram, oregano.
Onions - Caraway seed, mustard seed, nutmeg, oregano, sage.
Peas - Basil, dill, marjoram, mint, poppy see, rosemary.
Spinach - Basil, mace, marjoram, nutmeg, oregano.
Sweet potatoes - Allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves.
Tomatoes - Basil, bay leaves, celery seed, tarragon, thyme.

Curry powder is good with creamed vegetables.
Parsley & pepper is good with any of the above vegetables.

Thanks in part to:
"Your Good Health Garden" by Pauline James

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