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Chef Robin's Nest
Culinary Sessions

Educate your friends and yourself in your home!

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Chef Robin will create a Culinary Session with as much artistic flair she puts into her cuisine and on almost any topic! What do you want to learn? Here are some ideas:

- Traditional French Cuisine
- Cutting Techniques
- Ethnic Cuisine
- Appetizers
- Soups & Sauces
- Salads
- Poultry & Game Birds
- Meats (Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb)
- Creating that Perfect Picnic
- Holidays

Contact Chef Robin:

Contact Chef Robin now to reserve a scheduled time for your culinary session party! Then call your friends!

Time for Your Friends to Gather, Learn, and Cook!

Chef Robin comes from a family of generations of educators, so it's just natural for her to match up her culinary skills with educating others.

Culinary Sessions are generally held for a few hours during an evening or a weekend afternoon. Your Culinary Session of the topic of your choice will include:

- Culinary History
- Kitchen Demonstration
- Hands-On Session for You
- Time to Sit and Share and Eat!
- All Food & Tools Included

Culinary Session Specials

Appetizer Party!

I see an appetizer party in your future! Creative tips and ideas on the perfect appetizers including menu planning, hands-on sessions for three appetizers plus the mastery of presentation and basics in garde manger!
Appetizer Party Sessions = $25 per attendee
Includes all tools and food required.
Call Chef Robin now - 221-0010

Contact Chef Robin with your ideas and dates:
Call at: (608) 221-0010
Email at: